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Company Ratings

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Ratings as of January 10, 2020

American General Life A A+ A2 A+ 82
American National A A- 76
Assurity Life A-
AXA Equitable A A+ A2 81
Cincinnati Life A A+ A+ 83
Global Atlantic/ Accordia A A- A 76
John Hancock Life A+ AA- A1 AA- 93
John Hancock Life (USA) A+ AA- A1 AA- 93
John Hancock NY A+ AA- A1 AA- 93
Legal & General- Banner Life A+ AA- AA- 94
Legal & General- Wm Penn (NY) A+ AA- AA- 94
Lincoln Financial A+ AA- A1 A+ 91
Minnesota Life A+ AA- Aa3 AA 96
Mutual of Omaha A+ AA- A1 93
Nationwide Life A+ A+ A1 90
New York Life A++ AA+ Aaa AAA 100
One America A+ AA- 95
Principal A+ A+ A1 AA- 90
Protective A+ AA- A+ 91
Prudential A+ AA- Aa3 AA- 95
Reliance Standard A+ A+ A2 87
Sagicor A-
SBLI A A- 76
Security Mutual A-
Symetra A A A1 A+ 82
United of Omaha A+ AA- A1 93
VOYA A+ A2 A 80
Zurich A+ A A3 81


* Ratings shown are correct to the best of our knowledge, based upon information available as of the date of this bulletin. Underwriters Brokerage Service is not responsible for rating discrepancies. This is for general summary purposes only.


  • A.M. Best provides a financial and operating performance rating on virtually all life and health insurance companies.
  • Standard & Poor’s provides financial strength ratings for those insurers who request a rating. S&P also provides financial strength ratings from public information for other insurers.
  • Moody’s and Fitch provide ratings for those insurers who request a rating. Therefore, ratings from these two services are not available for all insurance companies.
  • Comdex is a composite index based on the ratings received by a company from the ratings and services. It is the average percentile ranking for all of the ratings received by a company.

The Numerical Equivalence is the number which is shown in parentheses next to each rating indicating where that particular rating falls in the rating scale. For example, an S&P rating of “AA-” has a numerical equivalence of “(4)”, meaning “AA-” is S&P’s fourth highest rating.


A.M. Best

Standard & Poor’s



1 A++ AAA Aaa AAA
2 A+ AA+ Aa1 AA+
3 A AA Aa2 AA
4 A- AA- Aa3 AA-
5 B++ A+ A1 A+
6 B+ A A2 A
7 B A- A3 A-
8 B- BBB+ Baa1 BBB+
9 C++ BBB Baa2 BBB
10 C+ BBB- Baa3 BBB-
11 C BB+ Ba1 BB+
12 C- BB Ba2 BB
13 D BB- Ba3 BB-
14 E B+ B1 B+
15 F B B2 B
16   B- B3 B-
17   CCC+ Caa1 CCC+
18   CCC Caa2 CCC
19   CCC- Caa3 CCC-
20   CC Ca CC
21     C C
22       DDD
23       DD
24       D