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  • Important Update: Section 7702 Changes

    In the late hours of 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA) bill was passed and signed into law. This bill includes revisions to Section 7702 of the Internal Revenue Code. This article discusses the changes and potential effects on the life insurance accumulation space. • Section 7702   

  • Enhance Your Social Selling

    Is COVID-19 making it more difficult to connect with clients? For life insurance producers, building a business has always been about networking and meeting new people. Is it any surprise that social media and social selling have become a mainstream way to stay top of mind and deepen the relationships you have with your clients? […]

  • What is a Hybrid/Linked LTC Solution?

    Linked/Hybrid LTC Resource Guide   This product type provides for significant Long Term Care benefits using a life insurance “chassis”, but with a minimum death benefit, and offers guaranteed premiums and design flexibility.The Hybrid/Linked products available today vary with respect to issue ages, benefit periods, inflation options, etc.   Who are the market leaders in […]

  • What is Human API and EHR?

    Human API is a health technology company that gives consumers a simple way to share their Electronic Health Records (EHR) data with the businesses that need them. Rather than rely on manual processes that involve phone calls, faxing, or mailing, Human API retrieves medical records digitally. For more information, visit www.humanapi.co.   The traditional process of […]