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  • Exchanging Non-Qualified Annuities for LTC Qualified Annuities

    What if existing NQ annuity values, including taxable gain, could become a long term care pool where gains come out tax free? Check out this one minute video! Welcome to the world of exchanging Non-Qualified annuities for LTC Qualified annuities. If you have clients holding their annuities as “just in case” medical care assets, these […]

  • Long Term Care Protection Solutions

    At Underwriters Brokerage Service we work regularly with advisors to assist them with their clients’ long term care planning needs, and in today’s world there are many excellent LTC solutions. Long-Term Care Protection Solutions Using Hybrid/Linked Products What is a Hybrid/Linked Product? This product type provides for significant Long-Term Care benefits using a Life Insurance […]

  • Cancer Guardian Program

    What is it? Check out a 2-minute video about this benefit for your clients

  • What does The Chaos Theory have to do with Indexed Universal Life (IUL)?

    This 2 minute video can explain!Whether the need is for UL, IUL, VUL, Whole Life or a combination of products, our Case Design Team can assistubs@ubsnet.com 412-281-0600