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  • The SECURE Act- What You Need to Know

    Now that the SECURE Act has all but eliminated many stretch IRA payouts (by requiring a 10-year liquidation in most cases), “Life insurance moves to the top of the list as an estate and tax planning vehicle for the largest IRAs,” according to Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor newsletter (Jan 2020 edition). Since retirement accounts make […]

  • Protecting Your Business Clients Just Got Easier

    The new Principal® Guaranteed Issue Term is an innovative program that offers a simple and affordable funding option to meet a variety of business needs—and can help make the underwriting process smoother for businesses and their employees. This program allows up to $5 million of individual Principal 10- or 20-Year Term coverage on a Guaranteed […]

  • Important Information for New York State Life Insurance Business.

    The New York State Department of Financial Services (NY DFS) has released the final version of best-interest Regulation 187. Regulation 187 requires producers and insurers to implement a process that ensures they’re acting in the consumer’s best interest when recommending life insurance policies issued in New York. This regulation is effective as of February 1st, […]

  • Exchanging Non-Qualified Annuities for LTC Qualified Annuities

    What if existing NQ annuity values, including taxable gain, could become a long term care pool where gains come out tax free? Check out this one minute video! Welcome to the world of exchanging Non-Qualified annuities for LTC Qualified annuities. If you have clients holding their annuities as “just in case” medical care assets, these […]