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  • Annuity Rate of the Week

    While savings rates have been climbing, and many clients being more concerned with a return of their money vs. a return on their money, opportunities for a reasonable rate of return, combined with safety, have been limited.  For appropriate clients, a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA) may be the answer.Consider our 3 year MYGA at 3% […]

  • The Cost of Long-Term Care

    It’s no secret — the cost for various long-term care services goes up every year. With no end in sight, how can your clients afford not to have long-term care insurance?We have resources that can help you educate your clients on just how expensive long-term care services are — and, they’ve just been updated with […]

  • Plan Now, Gift Later

    For clients who are on the fence about making large gifts and want a plan that keeps their options open, leveraging lower interest rates with private-finance loans may offer a compelling solution. For more information on how a “wait and see” technique works, check out these popular resources.  “Wait and see” loans client guide”Wait and see” […]

  • How to Submit an Application to Underwriters Brokerage Service using E-Processes for Term and Permanent Life Insurance

    Term:   Vive (Banner, Pacific Life, Principal, Protective, Prudential)- please make sure you are appointed prior to submitting a case. VIVE is the ideal electronic platform for submitting your term insurance business. You can access Vive on the Underwriters Brokerage Service website at www.ubsnet.com.   Click “ALREADY A VIVE USER” to launch Vive or “NEW TO VIVE” for additional information. Reference […]